This article is a must read for all those enthusiasts who are eager to import vehicles from Japan to their own country.
Here, we have mentioned some of the vital tips and information that can assist you with the importation of used vehicles and vehicle spare parts from Japan, Thailand and the United Kingdom.

  • Check the Rules and Regulations set by the Government of your country regarding of the importation of vehicles.
  • Some of the common criteria you need to be aware of are used vehicle age limit, mileage, type of vehicles allowed, engine capacity (CC), approved Euro emission standards, import duty and other taxes etc.
  • Check Vehicle stock ready for export from hundreds of exporters in Japan from above links.
  • Send inquiry of your interested vehicles or if you could not find your interested vehicle, use this inquiry form.
  • Search suitable car exporters in Japan to source your required vehicles, trucks, machinery or parts. Or if you are individual buyer and would like to import through importer/dealer in your country, please check used cars importers list.
  • Send your inquiries to exporters as many as possible to get best and competitive offers.
  • Before finalizing any deals with exporter please check all the FOB or CIF charges you have to pay like pre-export inspection charges, domestic transportation charges from yard to port, custom clearance charges, shipping charges, insurance charges etc.
  • After finalizing the deal, exporter will send you the Proforma Invoice to transfer the payment in to their Bank account.
  • Before making payment you can check exporter’s reliability. You must read AVOID FRAUD information before making any payment.
  • Once you make the payment, exporter will arrange the vehicle for shipping and will send you all the documents like Bill of lading, Customs Invoice, Japanese De-Registration Certificate / English translation of De-registration Certificate, Inspection Certificate (if applicable) etc. you required while clearing your car from the custom department.
  • Once the car is arrived at your country port you have to bring all these documents to the custom department to clear the car. Now you can ride your car all the ways.