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5年間以上世界のたくさんの国々に車を輸入、輸出をしております。 新車や中古車を輸出入の会社 1. 日本のオークションだけで車を買います。 2. 車を買う前にもオークションで点検を行います。 3. 何の問題もなく、無事故車だけを買取ます。 ASAGUCHI COMPANY LIMITED
Exporting Premium Quality Vehicles from Japan
at Sri Lanka Vehicle Distribution Center









1、 中古のホテルを買い、そのホテルの建物など全てを再開発して発売します。
2、 当社で営業をしているホテルもあります。

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the Open Hours?

We are open on Monday to Saturday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Al though the office in Japan will be closed in all Japanese National holidays, we would respond to any inquiry via the respective country managers allocated.

What is the guarantee that Asaguchi Ltd provides for the vehicles exported from Japan?

We have been exporting and distributing vehicles for a vast variety of customers consisting of each and every industry possible. So, the easiest way to build the trust between you; the client and our company, is to contact our past customers and to get their feedback yourself.
The Asaguchi warranty scheme is provided to each and every end user in Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, UK and for the rest of the African countries which we do export to.

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